Arlington Park, Arlington Heights, IL, Aug 4, 2007

After the crushing disappointment of Arlington's Fiesta in the Park, I didn't really hold out much hope for the Beach Bash. But once again, it SOUNDED good, according to the AP promotional announcement:

"The week-long series of special events and charitable affairs kicks off on Saturday, Aug. 4, when Arlington hosts its inaugural Beach Bash featuring live music by Southern Course, a Jimmy Buffet cover band, a sandy beach in the park area, Tiki Hut bars with signature beach drinks, a mechanical surf board and appearances by the Hawaiian Tropic girls and hula dancers throughout the day."

Besides, I wasn't even going to be in town. But you can't miss something like that, just in case. Especially with Tiiki Huts! What a dilemma. So okay maybe there was really no chance of me being there in person since I was 1600 miles away, but I had a secret spy who could! Thanks secret spy! Looks WAY more high class than that crummy Mex fest.

The groovy beach and groovy Jimmy Buffet band.

BTW forum poster Moon on the mechanical surfboard. Go Moon, Go!

Groovy tiki huts. I lost my bet! They weren't just the same old foofoo drink stand. Not entirely. No drink price reported.

Sun Tan Tommy models the free lei. No expense was spared on these babies.

Apparently the Hawaiian Tropic girls were also the hula girls? Or at least, there weren't any others, according to all report. Scroll down at your own risk, you old guys!

Here they come ...

... and there they go!!!!

Wow. There's way more going on out there in The Land Beyond O'Hare at family destination Arlington Park than one might have expected.

As Jimi Hendrix once said, "And you'll never ... hear surf music ... again".