Yosemite, Reno, Virginia City, July 9-10, 2007

McChump #2 did not want to do the Yosemite drive, so he went direct to our next stop, Reno. My thinking was, "Hey! When's the next time you're likely to be here, maybe never?" So drive I did. Man, that's a long way up! And down.

The story must be told here, even though I failed to get a picture, or even write down the name. After you drop down the east side of Yosemite, and get down by Mono Lake, there's a little dinky town there by the name of Lee Vining. On the north side of that town just before you leave, and on the east side of the highway, there's a cool looking little burger joint. It has the BEST hamburgers and fries known to mankind, especially after a long hot day of driving. Chocolate shakes not bad, either. Keep it in mind for next time you're passing by.

Now back to our story.

McChump #2 likes his casino towns. Me, not so much.

I thought Reno was low rent. Some more tolerable than Vegas, but not much.


Luckily, Reno is close to Virginia City, so we thought we'd drive out and try to find Hoss Cartwright's grave. Wouldn't you know it, the graveyard was closed for repairs. We were forced to look over the town. It was less cheesy than some of its ilk.

One of the most interesting attractions was the office, with the desk and other items, where Mark Twain supposedly edited the local newspaper early in his career, when Comstock Lode mining was in its heyday. Admission: $3

On that note, and following another ultra-exciting evening in Reno, it was time to head over Donner Pass, and back to Bay Area horse racing.