The 2009 McChump ??/365 Racing Tour

Racin', and Some Stuff, Probably

The Zortman Jail

9 Exciting Tracks! 6 Exotic States and Provinces! 9 Thrilling Storyettes!

Warning! The 2009 stories are mostly pictures, and not for the faint of bandwidth!

  • Sportsman's Park, Cicero, IL, Spring, 2009

Well, finally it became a reality. The Village of Cicero finally got things straightened out as to how the shuttered Sportsman's property was going to be used, and final demolition started. The big picture below is the last day before the wrecking ball started in on the grandstand, and the gallery shows progress throughout March and April.

  • Retama Park, Selma, TX, Jan 9, 2009

So it was the middle of winter in Chicago, and I needed somewhere warmer ... let's say, Austin. As long as I was there me and McChump #2 decided to go down to Retama Park for a bit of live racing. It was deadsville. Friday night utterly and totally dead. The worst I have ever seen it.

Oh well, at least we had some fun in Austin.

Just pictures.

  • Hawthorne Racecourse, Stickney, IL, Spring 2009

It was an okay Winter/Spring of racing at Hawthorne. I went a bunch of times. We even had a halfways decent Illinois Derby, won by Musket Man, with local hero Giant Oak in 2nd.

Just pictures.

  • Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA, April 17-18-19, 2009
  • Turf Paradise, Phoenix, AZ, April 20, 2009

Somehow I found myself in Phoenix in mid-April, fleeing Chicago winter again, and somehow me and McChump #2 decided to drive over to Santa Anita for closing weekend of their meet and the big San Juan Capistrano that closes it out. Three big days of racing. And three profitable days for me, too, as for some unexplained reason I could see things so clearly in the pp's, and the horses were obliging by running into my bets. One of those weekends when you think you have it all figured out Until the next weekend comes along.

  • Yavapai Downs, Prescott Valley, AZ,

Road trip to run down to Phoenix and pick up/throw away some crap that had been sitting there for far too long. Why not stop at Yavapai, as long as it was more or less on the way? And what the heck, why not the Grand Canyon, too, it's right there ... but was unfortunately very hazy.

Pictures only. 

  • Arlington Park, Arlington Heights, IL, Sept. 17, 2009

Went out on a September afternoon. Admittedly a Thursday. Crickets.

Couple pix only.

  • Kentucky Downs, Franklin, KY, Sept. 19, 2009
  • Titans vs Texans, Sept. 20, 2009

Not sure what went with my track pictures from this trip. But I did get better non-blue cheerleader pix at the Titans/Texans game the next day!

  • Hawthorne Racecourse, Stickney, IL, Oct. 25, 2009

It was a Sunday in October. A Sunday like any other Sunday. A card full of maiden claimers, cheap claimers, and maidens, with one IL-restricted N2X allowance to spice things up. It promised to be usual.

But what's this, chump? At the track there's this TVG presence, like something special is going on.