Sagebrush Downs, Kamloops, BC, Aug 9, 2008

Sagebrush Downs at Kamloops was the primary destination of this KG outing, so we all drove on up there the day after Hastings. Got mostly black & white photos. I was planning to write a story to submit to The Racing Journal so figured they probably needed B&W. Never wrote that story. Astoundlingly.

We spent much of the day in or around the beer tent (for shade, honest), presented a blanket, schmoozed with the head honcho there, a friendly and helpful Italian guy who filled us in about the best restaurant in town. Vittorio's Italian, as it happened, which turned out to be a motel restaurant or something like that. However, undeterred, we had another KG dinner that could not be beat.

Lotsa pictures.