Boise, Idaho

This track closed in 2008. Then it re-opened in 2011 in anticipation of historic racing, soon got historic racing approved by the legislature, and was humming along smoothly offering decent pots, putting on a good show, attracting nice crowds, and anchoring the Idaho / eastern Oregon / SE Washington racing circuit. It ran through 2015, until the strident Idaho Indian casinos' complaints about having some competition 350 miles away got the attention of the media and the spineless legislators of Idaho (facing their 2016 election season), spurred on by some more "conservative" legislators who never wanted historic racing in the first place on the grounds of policing other people's morals. So as a body they suddenly decided, "Hey no! we really didn't approve historical racing at all because we never did our homework in the first place and now it turns out these machines resemble slot machines instead of supermarket mechanical coin-operated horses, gosh darn it", and passed a law to pull the plug. The governor hemmed and hawed and ultimately tried to veto that measure, but wouldn't you know it he just happened to wait until just barely after the deadline to do so, and the courts ruled nope, no good. So that was that. What an all around clown circus. A referendum attempt to re-legalize historic racing was made in the election of 2018, but it flunked.